Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Olympics Drinking Game

I'm more or less indifferent to the Winter Olympics.  I'll watch some of it but, mostly...meh.

So, a friend and I compiled this list to liven things up a bit. 

  • Every time they make an oh-so-clever comment about the East Coast having more snow than Vancouver, drink.
  • Every time someone cries on the podium, drink.
  • Every time someone falls in the figure skating competitions, sip a girly drink.  
  • Every time they mention that Apolo Anton Ohno won Dancing with the Stars, twirl and drink.
  • Every time someone flies off the ski jump, hide your eyes behind your Slanket.
  • Every time Shaun White does a never-before-seen, why-does-anyone-else-even-bother-showing-up trick, drink.
  • For every Red Bull sticker or endorsement, do a jager bomb.
  • Every time they show a Native American, drink.  
  • Every time they use a child to symbolize hope for the future, drink.
  • Every time they talk about an athlete from a warm-weather climate who has zero chance of even surviving their event, drink.
  • When Celine Dion starts singing, finish your drink, pour another one and finish that too.
  • Curling.  Train like the "athletes" and chug your beer.
  • Every time Lindsey Vonn complains about not winning due to a bruise, do a double shot.

Wish my liver luck!

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