Sunday, February 7, 2010

Car Envy

I saw my first Tesla last night as I was driving home from a night on the town. The pre-dawn roads were nearly deserted which explains why the owner was out for a joy-ride. If you had a car like that, you'd be zipping up and down the streets in the middle of the night too!

What caught my attention was how weirdly silent the car was. We were stopped side by side and, when the light turned green, the thing just took off like a ninja. The lack of macho, muscle-car rumbling was so disconcerting that at the next light I actually turned off my radio and cracked my window to listen. Again, nothing! The car just slipped away. The only time I've seen something similar was in the electromagnetic propulsion of some of the newer amusement park thrill rides. No doubt, driving a Tesla is just as thrilling.

I saw the Roadster Sport in Very Orange. Nothing subtle about that car! Then again, why be subtle in a $100,000 all-electric sports car that gets 200+ miles per charge and can go 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds? There are only around 1,000 of them on the streets worldwide and I feel very special that I happened to be out to see this one!

The name Tesla Motors is a clever touch. This brilliant car is a fusion of science fiction and reality that I think Nikola Tesla would have admired.

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