Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Actually

I had the good fortune to pick someone up from the international terminal of the airport the other day. Standing around waiting for her, I watched the people around me and thought about Love Actually. It's easily one of my favorite movies and it's been getting a lot of mentions lately thanks to its superiority to that cynical, wannabe, knock-off Valentine's Day.

At the airport I saw a vastly pregnant woman hug her mother, obviously come to help with the birth. I saw a family greet a very frail young woman in a wheelchair, perhaps come for medical treatment. I saw a middle-aged man wordlessly collect a timid woman – a mail-order bride? I saw college friends squealing with the delight of reunion. I saw parents applaud the arrival of a group of students, triumphantly returning from some quest.

It was overwhelming. Love actually is all around.

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