Sunday, January 30, 2011

Status Update

I finally saw The Social Network.  I definitely didn't love it.  I'm far more interested in intellectual property debates than in wild-success-spinning-wildly-out-of-control tropes so I could have done without most of the last 45 minutes.  That said:

  • I still love Aaron Sorkin who still has issues with women.  Technology changes but people stay the same, I guess.  (Kind of the moral of the movie, too, huh?)
  • So many people have responded to the Mark Zuckerberg character by saying "He's such a douche."  I think it's more accurate to say "They're all such douches" (with the exception of Eduardo Saverin who, in all probability, was also a douche but somehow managed to garner a sympathetic characterization from Sorkin).  What an insufferable place Harvard must be.
  • I'm stunned and rather impressed that this movie did so well in theaters.  No explosions.  No Megan Fox.  No blue aliens.  Just a whole lot of talk talk talk.  Good for you, America!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Big Breakup

By: Charles Rex Arbogast, AP
Jay Cutler, you are no longer my boyfriend.  

For the past two years, I defended you.  I sang your praises when everyone else questioned your abilities.  I argued that you're tough, naturally gifted, and an instinctual leader.  I pointed to the fights you picked with refs on behalf of your fellow players as examples of your loyalty.  I marveled at your devotion when the offensive line was letting you down, exposing you to a terrifying string of brain-rattling sacks.  I liked that you didn't suffer the media-fools gladly.  You gave the impression  that maybe, just maybe, the Bears had finally found a quarterback who wasn't a complete headcase.  

Today you made me look like a fool.  I still think you're tough, and that's why I know that you punked out today.  The only injury that should have kept you off the field for an NFC Championship game was one that sent you to the hospital.  Maybe you didn't want to play the second half because you realized how lackluster your performance was in the first half?  

Regardless, you let me down.  What are you going to do to try to win me back?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Man of the Hour: Shawn Mullins

This track is burning me up on these cold winter nights:

  Shawn Mullins - Light You Up by Vanguard Records

Shawn Mullins, thanks to your sexy-as-all-get-out "Light Me Up," you are the Man of the Hour.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


This picture is making my life right now:

Hang in there, Malia.  I can't imagine being such a public figure during what can be such a difficult age!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Man of the Hour: Benedict Cumberbatch

Or, perhaps more accurately, Sherlock Holmes.

Benedict may be part alien (surely that bone structure can't be human) but I'm attracted nonetheless.

The intelligence.  The verbal precision.  The arrogance.  The dashing attire.

This is the kind of man who can infuriate and fascinate simultaneously.

I'm smitten.