Sunday, January 30, 2011

Status Update

I finally saw The Social Network.  I definitely didn't love it.  I'm far more interested in intellectual property debates than in wild-success-spinning-wildly-out-of-control tropes so I could have done without most of the last 45 minutes.  That said:

  • I still love Aaron Sorkin who still has issues with women.  Technology changes but people stay the same, I guess.  (Kind of the moral of the movie, too, huh?)
  • So many people have responded to the Mark Zuckerberg character by saying "He's such a douche."  I think it's more accurate to say "They're all such douches" (with the exception of Eduardo Saverin who, in all probability, was also a douche but somehow managed to garner a sympathetic characterization from Sorkin).  What an insufferable place Harvard must be.
  • I'm stunned and rather impressed that this movie did so well in theaters.  No explosions.  No Megan Fox.  No blue aliens.  Just a whole lot of talk talk talk.  Good for you, America!

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