Sunday, May 22, 2011

Professional Cycling Never Fails to Entertain

It's like the most deliciously, juicy episode of my favorite, trashy, soap opera.  Some people have General Hospital or Gossip Girl.  I have professional cycling.

Let me be perfectly clear: I am 100% certain that many many many competitive cyclists use performance enhancing drugs.  And yet, I still adore professional cycling.  That they use PEDs is as non-controversial to me as the fact that they use aerodynamics labs to fine-tune their form.  Doping is part of the culture of the sport.  And I don't give a damn.  I still love Lance Armstrong.  I will always love Tyler Hamilton.

Because, even with the drugs, what those men do is astonishing.  Mind-boggling.  Super-human.  Above all, it's immensely entertaining.

And that's all I want from cycling.  Another juicy installment in the on-going soap opera.

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