Thursday, March 24, 2011

Man of the Hour: Raylan Givens

I never realized I have such a thing for cowboys.
Quick-witted and even quicker on the draw, Raylan Givens (as played by Timothy Olyphant on FX's terrific Justified) is driving me wild.

He's old-fashioned in all the right ways and brimming with charm and confidence.  Mix the righteousness of a Wild West lawman with the scrappy instincts of a backwoods bootlegger.  Add a sardonic sense of humor and a genuinely sweet chivalry.  Toss in some renegade rebelliousness and a quaintly formal wardrobe.  Work in a streak of recklessness and more than a whiff of danger.  And don't forget the wildly expressive face, the ever-so-slightly salt-and-pepper hair, and a sexy-as-sin smile to make me week-in-the-knees.

Pour yourself a mason jar of "apple pie," Raylan.  You are the Man of the Hour.

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